Country Rye

Country Rye

  • Our country rye breads come in case packs of 6. If you select "1" as your quantity, you are ordering 1 case pack of six loaves.
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Sourdough breads use natural yeast to make the dough rise. The natural yeast is cultivated in a starter which can be kept alive indefinitely by removing a portion and replacing it with water and flour to make a fresh batch. We nurture 2 starters, basic sourdough and a rye starter to give our breads a unique flavor.

Sourdough breads take longer to rise and develop complex flavorsand textures. Some of these doughs require 48 hours to proof so we require at least 48 hours advance notice when you order. These does are marked “48 hrs” in the brochure.

These doughs do not use any preservatives or additives. The natural yeast extends the shelf life naturally so they last longer.

*Our cutoff for orders is 2:30pm Monday-Friday. For products marked “24 hrs”, that means next day delivery. For products marked “48 hrs”, we need your orders 2 days in advance of delivery.